Textile wholesale company Muotineule Oy (Ltd) was founded in Orivesi, Finland in 1987. As a family corporation the company employs eight permanent employees and two salespeople. You can see our collection here in Orivesi or through our salespeople’s visit. Our collection changes depending on season!

Muotineule Oy (Ltd) started with knitted goods. Knitting machines were sold in year 1990. Since then we have been importing all kinds of fabrics, mostly from Europe. In 1990’s clothing and fashion designs covered most of the sales. Nowadays curtain and decoration fabrics are the most important. Upholstery fabrics also play a big role.

Muotineule Oy (Ltd) offers a wide range of textiles for decoration and clothing. Our goal is to offer first-rate textiles to all kinds of use. From our customers we require VAT-number.

We are pleased to help you with all kinds of questions about textiles, do not hesitate to contact us!