New Sales Agent

Our former Sales Agent from East side of Finland and Lapland area Jari Kalliokuusi has moved to other duties. Many thanks to Jari for the past years and good luck with new challenges!

Teija Korppila, who has worked as Sales Agent and a former fabric shopkeeper, has joined our team as our new Sales Agent. Welcome Teija!

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Feel of nature ready made curtains

We have exclusivity for feel of nature ready made curtains concept in Finland. The collection has nine (9) different designs and all together with several colour varieties of 30 different curtains. The designs and colours are close to nature and timeless. The fabrics for the curtains are made in Germany and the curtains are sewed in Poland in the factory’s daughter Company. So this concept has an Made in EU certificate.

Size of one curtain is 140 x 245cm and minimum is one piece / design / colour. On the top of the curtain there is a 6cm wide line for curtain rod and also multiband for the hooks.

Curtain is packed to ecological cardboard. Curtain is covered in plastic insinde the carboard. There is a hole on the top of the cardboard where you can see the design and colour of the curtain. The package includes also measurements, care instructions and EAN-code.

We offer the sample curtain always with 50% discount / design / colour. You will get a paper bag with feel of nature logo for free against every ordered curtain.

It’s possible to have the concept’s own stand for free when you buy it full. The stand is made of wood. On it’s shelves there is space for 72 packages and there is also a separately space for 24 sample curtains. You cannot buy the stand separately.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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Living room corner with chair and two windows.

We are proud to announce to you the new partnership between BBtextiles and Muotineule Oy

Dear Customer,

We are proud to announce to you the new partnership between BBtextiles and Muotineule Oy. Together, these two companies will provide the Finnish market with a huge collection of fashionable deco textiles.

First a small introduction of both companies. BBtextiles is a family textile company located in the Netherlands. The collection is focused on fashionable interior textiles like fabrics for curtains, cushions, tablecloth and upholstery. Because the designs are developed by their own design department, BBtextiles offers you an unique collection of (digital) printed fabrics, jacquards and plains which are delivered from stock.

Muotineule Oy is also a family company and a well-known Finnish wholesaler based in Orivesi. Their collection consists of a wide range of curtain, upholstery and decoration fabrics. They also offer fabrics for clothing.

With a good knowledge of the Finnish market, Muotineule Oy knows very well what the market is looking for. By expanding their collection with the products of BBtextiles they can improve their service to you. From now on they will be your official partner of BBtextiles in Finland.

The partnership will bring you a huge and unique collection with a good service level. This will be a big advantage for you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Muotineule Oy. Of course BBtextiles can also inform you about the partnership.


Yours sincerely,

Muotineule Oy & BBtextiles



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